In 1980 Balloon Aloft offered the very first passenger hot air balloon flights in Australia and over forty years later we remain the market leader, delivering the highest quality balloon flights and service. With unparalleled experience, your comfort and safety are assured.


Balloon Aloft boasts, amongst its exceptional flight team, the current Women’s World Champion and the current Australian Ballooning champion, ensuring that a flight with Balloon Aloft is a cut above the rest. Balloon Aloft is also the proud winner of several NSW Tourism Awards for Adventure Tourism as well as numerous other Tourism and People’s Choice awards. Recently Balloon Aloft was awarded the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence and also received the TQUAL Accreditation for Tourism Business. When it comes to service, Balloon Aloft aims for the sky!

Find a true state of bliss and wonderment during this hot air ballooning adventure over the Byron Bay region. As Australia’s most easterly point and the first place on the mainland to see the sunrise, Byron Bay provides an awe-inspiring visual spectacle from a unique vantage point. Once you arrive at the launch site, watch your ride come to life during the balloon inflation. Then, it’s time to take the skies in your colourful balloon. As you soar through the sky, admire the beautiful contrast between the sparking blue ocean and the lush green hinterland. Flying in a hot air balloon is a truly unique experience – you will feel like you are in a dream as you gently float with the clouds without the sensation of wind. After the hour flight, end your magical morning with a gourmet breakfast at Three Blue Ducks Restaurant at The Farm Byron Bay. Over breakfast, reflect on your enchanting experience and look through all the photos you took during the flight.