How To Get Cheaper Breakfasts at Hotels or Resorts

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When you purchase a breakfast direct with the hotel or resort (online) you generally are paying full price.  75% off the time you can get a better breakfast price if you purchase the breakfast at check-in with the hotel or resort. Ask the question - "If I purchase the breakfast now can I receive a

Talk to the Locals

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Why you should try and meet locals while traveling When you travel abroad, you can follow your itinerary, stay inside your bubble and keep your conversations limited to your travel companions. Or, you can branch out and meet locals while traveling. It’s more comfortable to stay with what you know. But in order to get

Avoid Excess Baggage Fees

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Is there anything worse than unexpected baggage fees? Well, okay *maybe* the plague would get a look in, but excess baggage fees would be a close second. What are excess baggage fees? Excess baggage fees are charges that you incur if your bags exceed the dimensions or weight allowances set forth by the airlines. How

Tips for Travelling with Babies

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Decided to take your baby on a plane? Well done! Life doesn't end when you have a baby and parents with little ones need to travel too. It can be daunting but with a bit of preparation, you can take to the sky with baby in tow. First-time parents probably have many questions when it

How to manage your money when you travel

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When you're planning an overseas trip, you always need to think about what you're going to use for money once you get there. The choices these days are pretty straightforward, and as with all things in life, each travel money option has its pros and cons. On this page: Cash currency exchange Prepaid travel money cards Credit

5 rules to follow when using free Wi-Fi overseas

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Whether you’re looking for restaurant recommendations or trying to figure out where your hotel is, free Wi-Fi can be an absolute godsend when you’re travelling. But this convenience also comes with a degree of risk. Public Wi-Fi networks are notorious for security flaws that put personal data at risk, if you haven’t taken the necessary

How to Prevent Dehydration while flying

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IMPORTANT FACTORS YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT AIR TRAVEL AND DEHYDRATION Planning that exciting long awaited holiday or need to travel for business frequently via air? There are various reasons that make you feel so sluggish and under the weather during and after air travel. It is no mystery. You will be amazed to find

Guide to Driving Overseas

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Heading overseas? That’s exciting! Planning on hiring a car? Even better. Touring the world on four wheels can be a magical way to travel. However, whether you’re a rip-roaring roadster or a slow poke sally, driving overseas can also pose its pitfalls. A road trip adventure can seem marvellous until you find yourself broken down on the motorway or busted for disobeying local road rules. Our overseas

Travelling on Public Transport Overseas – What to Know

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Public transport Public transport is a cost effective and convenient way of getting around overseas. However, just like in Australia, it carries risks. Whether you're getting around town by bus, ferry or train, it's important to be prepared. Know the risks specific to your destination, so you can take steps to reduce them and stay

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